Jun 30, 2012

Jun 28, 2012

Style the trend and my new best friend

HEY, a rime, a rime. Okay, seriously. As a vintage lover, neon isn't made for me. I've been thinking about it a few times and recently, I found the solution. It isn't new, I know. Cough. Simply combining two trends, neon with pastels looks pretty great! And to show you how to style it, I need help. Drum roll.... here's my new best friend!

I don't know her name, maybe you can help me? Seriously again, here are a few looks...

This is a color-blocking top with a mint colored waterfall skirt which you can't really see in the picture as I had to take the webcam ( my mobile is broken somehow).  Skirts like this ( only nicer) are to be found on forever21.com or Chicwish. I've seen a similar top in a little store ( I can't remember the name), but wait... DIY alert!

You already know these ones. It is a ONLYdress and an old sweater from forever21 in the first picture and a tropical tee and my fav shorts from forever21 in the second one.
This is ONE PIECE with the combination all in it. Pretty amazing. You can find those beautiful shorts here.
xoxo, Mary
( sorry, this post is rather stupid and so on.... But I hope you all have a nice day. )

Jun 25, 2012

Rock your school bag

School's boring and sucks especially before summer holidays. You know it is important, though, you have to learn to get a good job and so on. You've heard that a thousand times. All that you need is a little less boredom and DIYs like these. It will help a lot if you have cool things lying on your desk, trust me. xoxo, Mary

This is my scrapbook, the cover is made out of an old magazine and a encyclopedia. DIY ALERT!
My diary for not only homework. This is the cover with pictures of all my friends and stuff.

This is what it looks inside. There isn't enough space for homework at all, it is more like a real diary. Don't take a close look... my friends like to write stupid things. Cough.

This is Massopilami. my pencil case. He has earrings, a necklace, eyeliner and even a tattoo. Isn't he cute? :DD

Jun 24, 2012

New stuff.

I ordered a few things on Forever21 and they finally arrived. I love this outfit... <3

I really love the shorts. I already have literally a thousand ways to wear them. 
I also got a necklace. It wasn't expensive and it looked nice, so I bought it. I expected it to be a lot bigger, though. But I kinda like it... it's cute.
And by the way, sorry for letting you wait so long. School kept me busy, even my weekend as we did a fun trip to practice in my choir. It was great, we had a lot of fun and I felt like a star on saturday as everyone kept telling me compliments for my style and for my little charleston-dance. xoxo, Mary

Jun 17, 2012


Star Trek. Outer Space. Spock. Just speak these words out loud. Do you feel it? It is galvanic in a wonderful way.  This movies are made since my Daddy was born and I love every episode. One of the newer ones was in TV a few days ago and I loved it as well as I love the older episodes where it is more than obvious that everything is fake. I love the words they use. When the Captain tells a story or is giving orders half of his words are random. I Love the characters, especially Mr. Spock. He is simply... logical :D His attitude is amazing, he never gets scared and always knows an answer. James T. Kirk rules the world. He is refreshingly a human and so cool and relaxed and polite and wise and everything. The other characters are so different and everyone is amazing.
This Video is from youtube and I do not own any rights. This is a wonderful episode :)
Luckily, we have a TV program which plays STAR TREK all the time. And there are days, aproximmatly two a week, when I am so down and only these movies can help me. I spend the whole day looking STAR TREK. This tutorial from rookiemag.com shows you how to bring STAR TREK in your home. I did the same thing when I was a little child.
Have fun with Mr. Spock :) xoxo, Mary

Jun 14, 2012

Medal DIY

Hi, another DIY today. I've always loved the shape of the medals you can win in a horse race. Unfortunatly, I never learned riding and I'm pretty bad at sports, so I have no chance to win such a medal. The only way to get a medal was to DIY one! I tried a few times until it worked, but I'm really happy how it came out :)

1. Supplies: You'll need a hot glue gun, a big button, ribbon, paper in the same color, an old map (optional) and scissors.

2. Cut a circle out of the paper with your BIG button (ignore the one on the picture) as a pattern.  Next, cut some ribbon in the length you want to have. The ribbon will be the little bow-y thing...
3. Now, cut the ribbon into pieces shaped like the one on the left ( you'll need around ten). Arrange them on your circle of paper, but remember to leave out the bottom, think of the bow-y thing from step 2.

4. Lay your button on the map and draw down the outline. Cut it out and glue it on your button. This step  is optional, but I only had  pretty ugly button so I decided to embellish it a little bit.

5. Glue time! Glue it all together. But think of this order...
  1. Lay down the circle
  2. Glue the arranged ribbon from step 3 on it
  3. Glue the little tie from step 2 on
  4. Now you can either just glue the button in the middle or pin it on.

 Done! This would make a cute gift for a friend or your parents if it is someone's birthday ( It is my father's birthday today :D ). I hope you liked this DIY.
xoxo, Mary.

Jun 13, 2012

All day long

School started again and I'm all like no-why-i-hate-it-no-one-will-ever-bring-me-out-of-my-bed-i-am-gonna-stay-cozy-and-even-styling-is-so-difficult and as this wouldn't be enough,the weather here kinda sucks. In the morning you think it'll be all hot, throw on shorts. Later it is waaay too cold, you put on a sweater and long pants, but as soon as you did, it gets hot! Currently it is damn cold, it rains all day long and I wanna wear skirts and shorts. This is a list of outfits for this weather, and I hope it will get better soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, rainy and cold

This is a really cozy outfit, perfect for mondays. I'm a really Garfield-like person and monday is definetly not the day for a complicated and perfect styling. I absolutly adore this cute cardigan from lace affair, the basic pants are from forever 21.

Tuesday, cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon

 Maxi skirts are perfect for this strange weather. Okay, it might be a little cold in the morning, but only very, very early- and for the rest of the day you look like perfection and it is neither too hot nor too cold. Tadda. I love the colour of this one by forever 21The denim shirt by  chicwish takes a little bit of the cuteness of the skirt off and adds a cute cowboy-touch. You can wear almost every shoes with it... What about the wonderful sneaker wedges by isabel marant which no normal person can ever buy because of the price? Man.

Wednesday, the day  and with cool weather


This look is so easy styled

Thursday, hopefully a little bit nicer

Tomorrow is said to be pretty warm and as a result pretty stylish. I love flowered pants and shorts. The ones left are from VILA, I posted them in my last post, and the ones on the right side are availible here. I love both tops, both are sooo lovely. You can find them and the ring (under accessory) and other beautys here.

Friday, end of the working week and something between hot and cool, also called warm

This look has almost EVERY summer trend 2012 in it. Florals, assymetric, button-up-shirts and scarf print. I Love this look, it makes me feel all stylish and brave and somehow like a brithish in India around the 19th century... Both tops are from topshop and they are absolutly adorable. The skirt is from forever 21.