Aug 3, 2013

Let's swim out tonight, love, it's our turn to try, parked beside the ocean on our moonlight drive - let's swim to the moon, let's climb through the tide. Surrender to the waiting worlds that lap against our side.

 Hello humans. 
As promised, here's an outfit post. I have been wearing this outfit quite often - I love how it's both witch-y and hippie-esque. That top is from a supercute thrift store - it's so crammed full of small things , weird toys, old magazines, and it's amazingly cheap. Also, some of the clothes are to die for - like that top, in my opinion. It's from the 70ies, and it's perfect for cool summer evenings. My shorts are DIYed, and basically my all-time-favorite, I have been wearing those way to often. Well, I love the dreamcatcher necklace I am wearing so much. It's from a really spiritual/hippie store near my hometown, and it's all, like, good vibrations and stuff. I wear it almost everyday. The other necklace is from my mother. 
Once I started blogging again, I have to leave you without a post for a week, I'm sorry! I will go to Poland with some friends of mine, I am sure it will be totally awesome. I'll take two cameras with me, my usual Reflex Camera and a analog one. I have been photographing with that one for a while, and I am so exited how the pictures will turn out to be! It's kinda exiting. 
Anyways, I hope you guys are all fine!



Aug 1, 2013

When you smile all of the subatomic pieces come together and unfold themselves in a second, every single molecule is right...

Hello lovely people!

That kinda feels like writing a ~first post~ again. As I wrote in my last post, blogging didn't feel good lately. But I don't want to totally quit it, so I thought I'd change something. Well, Welcome on that half-new blog!
These are some pictures of how summer has been so far. 

My boyfriend and I went to a lake near my hometown. We bought a disposable camera and had so much fun taking pictures! There's this rope where you can basically swing into the lake like Tarzan. 

 We also went to a "festival". There are  bands playing everywhere in the city, and you can just walk around, listen and party. It was incredibly awesome! One of the bands was very great, they covered some Reggae songs, Kiss, and a lot of 80ies stuff (which  I really love).

 Last week we went on a school trip. I have been in that village with our school choire five times, and this time was my last. I felt kinda nostalgic and melancholic, but also great. You may tell from the photos - I have been in a hippie mood lately. It feels great. I just try to be, like, free? I don't know. I try to just be myself. It's weird as I feel very confident about what others think of me, I don't care, but sometimes I'm very insecure about myself, it's hard to explain. But I think that's what teenagehood is all about - being confused and figuring out who you are.

There'll be some outfit posts soon.

Lots of love!