Dec 10, 2015

So I said goodbye to all my friends and packed my hopes inside a matchbox 'cause I know it's time to fly... we are in the middle of a change in destination, when the train stops, all together we will smile.

I cannot believe how I only managed to write twelve posts this year, which has basically been one of the most exiting and best years I've experienced. Between my last post and this one, a lot has happened: Most important, I moved to Berlin. Yes. Berlin. I was afraid that a small-town girl like me would be a total catastrophe in a huge city like this, but I guess I'm doing pretty well so far. I got lost only seven times, was late approximately five times, saw nine plays already and was in museums four times. I have been here since the 3rd of November, but everything here still seems like an adventure to me. Everything is colorful, exiting, new and way too expensive.
I am working at a theatre for children and teenagers here (which is why I moved to Berlin). A few months ago, I was seriously so annoyed by the mere thought of having to find a apartment or a room here, but surprisingly, someone reached out to me and now I am living in Charlottenburg with the most lovely housemate. In contrast to the cliché of the unfriendly, gruff people in Berlin, I have met only really nice ones so far.
I moved here about three weeks before my work even began as I wanted to see as much as possible of this amazing city. This has proved to be a great decision as I have seen and done so many awesome things here! The entire city is FULL OF ART. There's so much cool graffiti everywhere, and I have been to the Alte Nationalgalerie, basically the most impressive museum I've ever been to. There was this one room in which I found myself surrounded by paintings by Monet, Renoir, Delacroix, Cezanne, Gauguin, van Gogh and even a sculpture by Rodin. It was heaven.

This is me in front of a Monet, damnit! Isn't this fantastic? I am wearing a T-shirt I painted by myself inspired by El Lissitzky, old pants from Zara, tie dyed socks and my beloved holographic boots which were a gift from my boyfriend. I am smiling like crazy in this picture because I was so happy to finally see paintings by such a great artist as Monet! 
Another great museum I've been to was the Gemäldegalerie near Potsdamer Platz: They currently have a exhibition about the renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. In addition to the Botticelli paintings, I also saw art by Valie Export, Degas, Salvador Dalí AND I SAW A WARHOL. And a Magritte. And work by Bill Viola and I basically freaked out in this exhibition because PERFECTION. The works by Botticelli, though, nearly made me cry as they are so unbelievably beautiful and have this kind of paradisian, perfect appearance... it was amazing. In front of the museum, they placed a shell like in the Birth of Venus, so I pretended to be Venus which was pretty funny.


One of my favorite works of art in Berlin is, quite obviously, the East Side Gallery. This is the longest left over part of the wall that once divided the city in two parts. Seeing the wall where people died while trying to get to the other side about thirty years ago, now covered in paint and art makes me really happy for some reason.
Here, I am wearing a shirt I ordered on SheIn. It reminds me of some sculptures by Michelangelo and I like the neutral shape. The pants are thrifted, ad I am wearing these awesome see-trough shoes with green striped socks underneath. I am establishing a pretty random printed socks collection and cringe everyday when I need to put on shoes over my new Harry Potter socks or the ones with the Scream by Munch. Luckily enough, I own see-trough shoes.

These faces are a pretty famous image at the East Side Gallery.
Regarding dressing in Berlin: it's pretty funny - when I walk around with my giant red flower crown, people stare at me just like they did on the countryside. It's hella cold here, which is why I mostly wear pants and multiple layers of woolen jackets. The good news is: There is inspiration everywhere! So many well-dressed, cool-looking people! It's fantastic and really a paradisian place for a blogger.
In spite of lacking my beloved plain white door, I will post more outfits in the next few posts because I feel so inspired and artsy right now! Too bad the cold wind upsets my outfit plans most of the time or forces me to hide all my nice ideas under a coat, cuddled up with a scarf so you can only see my red nose and my eyes squinting because of the wind. Well, I can take pictures inside.
To put the whole matter in a nutshell, I love Berlin. It's such an inspiring place crammed with great people - I am having a really great time.

Lots of love,


Oct 28, 2015

As I woke up this morning, I had nothing to do, so I went down the street, my good old friend, the fox, I meet. The Night is dark, the air is clear, music is loud, I have no fear, my companion is next to me, a loyal fox is what you need. The Fox is on your side...

Hi lovelies!
I don't want to count how many weeks it's been again... But Jesus, it were great weeks (although I missed blogging, of course). As you may have read here, I graduated this summer and now the time totally and only dedicated to what I want to do has begun! To put the whole matter in a nutshell, I'm working at the theatre! This world has actually been my dream proffession for what seems almost half of my life, and I am so happy I can finally pursue this dream of mine. So basically, what I am doing is a year full of small, unpaid jobs at various theatre houses scattered around in Germany. They usually last between four weeks to two months. This means I am moving around a lot, which is extremely exiting. The first job is already over again - it basically consisted of being a nice elf around the rehearsals for a play which was incredibly fantastic! The theatre I worked at is a very special place: it's a beautiful art-nouveau-castle in the countryside, where all the people working at the theatre actually live and work. You get me? I lived in a freaking castle the past six week! And it was such a great atmosphere with all those fantastic people around (shoutout to Antonia! you're a lovely person). At the beginning, I was a bit worried about moving out and if I would not totally fail at living alone, but it worked out fine! While moving, I figured out I possess waaaayyy to many clothes. But that's fine with me, haha.
I can't believe I actually am supposed to be a kind of adult who lives on his own right now. It's somehow strange, but more than that, it's extremely exiting and fun - I feel like I am leading the life I've always wanted to live, as cheesy as it sounds. Everything is pretty damn cool currently!
Before I move to Berlin (isn't this amazing?! such a great city!) next month, I am staying a week at home (my real one), which is great because I can finally blog again!
And I've had a pretty cool day, too. I sewed those pants! An actress from the castle-theatre-thing figured out that I'm obsessed with art and gifted me bedclothes made out of the most awesome Joan Miró fabric. So much artsy fabric, yay! I decided to sew wide leg trousers. I have sewn a few skirts and shirts and stuff, but I had never dared to sew pants before! Not-surprisingly, I made a few stupid mistakes during the process, but I absolutely love the way they turned out. I made them flared at the bottom and, as one would expect of clothing made out of bedclothes, they are so so so comfy! Now I can wear Joan Mirós little animals and abstract shapes on my legs - yay.

Besides those great pants, I wear a white simple shirt my boyfriend gave me beneath a super cute tulle-t-shirt from my aunt (I didn't even knew such stuff exists). It has a cute hem and is cropped (or maybe it's for kids) and I think it fits perfectly. Above, there are three healing stone necklaces. I wear the dark-green moon almost everyday, the other two were bought on a nice thrift store/shopping trip today. I like the Robert Plant/ Janis Joplin vibes of layering multiple necklaces! Although this amount of jewellery is usually very untypical for me. The bracelets collected from festivals throughout three summers normally are the only pieces of jewellery I wear (flower crown counts as a basic, not jewellery). I also wear old converse shoes (which you can't really see but at least I made an effort) from my sister.
Actually, I'm in love with those pants. I see ~endless~ styling opportunities. A good sign of a great item is me totally overwearing it - and I don't think I'm going to wear any other pants for the rest of the month, haha. :)
I hope you like this outfit as much as I do! And I hope you can forgive this awful lack of posting. Well, I have lots of time this week so be prepared!

Lots of love,


Aug 27, 2015

Starry, starry night, flaming flowers that brightly blaze, swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue - morning fields of amber grain, weathered faces lined in pain are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.

Hi lovelies!
I cannot believe it's been three weeks since my last post again, despite all my good intentions! But so much happened lately and my summer has been basically one special, wonderful moment after another. One of the indisputable best moments was my journey to Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I spent four and a half (way too short, but lovely) days in the capital of the Netherlands. The city itself is amazing - everything, especially the little houses at the canals seems picture-perfect and the atmosphere is lovely. Wandering aimlessly around the city along the canals and discovering all those cute stores and picturesque little bridges made me really happy.

Nonetheless, the indisputably best moment in Amsterdam was the Van Gogh Museum. Four floors entirely dedicated to the life and oeuvre of Vincent van Gogh? Yes please! And standing in the line in front of the museum for nearly two hours proved to be definitely worth it. I was absolutely carried away by his paintings. To be honest, I have hardly ever experienced this power of art, especially his self-portraits almost brought me to tears. The incredible expression of his emotions through the colors were - in a subtle, yet intense way - extremely touching. Vincent's biography seems to me as a contrast in itself: The utter, yellow and lilac, spring-esque joy he felt while living in Arle where he painted the sunflowers contrasting the wild, swirling, dark blue pain and loneliness which can be seen here, for example. In his use of colors, he did not only find a way of expression but of survival.

Basically, the raw beauty of his work left me speechless (which is hard to achieve as I'm basically talking non stop), and I consider myself very lucky to have seen his signature in person.
So obviously, my outfit is all centered around van Gogh's art! I bough this awesome t-shirt in Amsterdam. It shows his painting Starry Night, which is one of the most popular ones. I love the swirling clouds and glowing stars on it! The quality of the print and the soft fabric justify the price which was approximately higher than the prices of all my tees added together, but just look at this shirt. I made the velvet skirt by myself which you probably know already as I am overwearing it, and the shoes are, like, four years old from a fleamarket. The socks are new and fit perfectly into my current obsession with tie dye (maybe it's chronical). Actually, they're from the men's department which is funny because they are almost ten sizes too large, but hey, they were two bucks for three pairs! I guess they match the tee pretty well as they have the same kind of swirly blue print, you know?

So that's another outfit centered around art. It seems I'm quite obsessed. I hope you don't mind even more posts about art, haha (there was a store in Amsterdam which only sold clothing printed with artworks. it was perfect). 
My obsession is also manifested in the title of this post - I always use song lyrics, as you know, and this particular song has a certain place in my heart. It's so beautiful!
I hope you're having a great summer!

Lots of love,


Aug 3, 2015

Then you began to hang up me, you studied to portray me in ice and greens and old blue jeans. I gave you all my pretty years, then we began to weather and I was left to winter here while you went west for pleasure.

Hi lovelies!
A couple of days ago, I met up with a photographer who build up a beautiful studio only a few kilometres away I never knew about before until he contacted me all of the sudden. It kinda feels like a secret, hidden place only some people know - and it's totally amazing. Mark actually mostly takes analog photos, especially polaroids. And I love the wonderful, dreamy kind of effect Polaroids tend to have, so that's exactly what I could only have dreamt of!
We had two lovely days full of great cameras, broken polaroids, wonderful photos and - one of my favorite parts - a great conversation about art. I love artsy conversations, and it's even better with a person who has an equally great taste as an impressive knowledge.
Not smiling and looking good, though, proved to be quite a big challenge! Especially the smiling part as I am quite a happy person and tend to smile at everyone. But surprisingly, in most of the photos I managed not to look like a total idiot. Actually, I was almost shocked how good the pictures turned out in the end, haha. It was just such a great time so having good photos at the end was just perfect.
On the photo above, I'm holding one of the cameras we worked with. Isn't she ~perfect~? I love how unpredictable those polaroids are - you just never know how a picture will turn out!
Analog pictures have a certain kind of flair - it's not just how the picture turns out, but about the process of taking the picture. As every picture is expensive, you think more about what to take a picture of. And you learn to love the effect each camera has.
Lately, I've been constantly carrying around a analog camera for the especially wonderful moments this summer, and I am so exited how they will turn out! I will show you a few here.

These are the best ones. I hope you like them as much as you do!
Have a great summer!

Lots of love,


Jul 15, 2015

So the moon took control of my eyes and my soul, now I'm smiling cause I'm dancing with the witches in the moonlight, watch me dancing with the witches in the moonlight. When I was young I didn't know the summer days seemed 25 years long ...

Hi lovelies!

I'm literally smiling as I am typing this which is because I crazily love creating content on this blog but manage to post far too less - so posting something new always makes me extremely happy.
As crazy as it may sound, ever since I've graduated, I have even less time than before! I've been so busy - however, for diversion, I've been doing things I love.
I intended to fill these weeks before work with all the things - and only those - making me happy. So I am visiting fleamarkets, theatres, taking tons of analog pictures, doing art, spending time with my friends and my boyfriend, travelling to foreign countries, journaling, going to concerts and festivals  and basically doing things I never before had the time to. Despite of this sounding very cheesy, it works out perfectly and I can proudly say I am having a wonderful, fantastic, groovy summer! Ehem, and I am also working for a local newspaper - which is actually great fun, I get to go to cultural events without paying, haha, and I really enjoy writing, so that's quite cool.
Please excuse the massive amount of talking about myself lately!

For Fashion Talk start reading here → ♥
Summer means colors, lovelies! Which is why I bought this T-Shirt, I love the design. Actually, it's from the men's department - most of my clothes are, frankly. Everything about men's shirts is better than the ones in the women's department! First of all, the fabric is way softer and more comfortable. The pattern is way nicer in my opinion, I don't like slim clothes which I don't fit in anyways. Half of my clothes (I'm serious, I counted!) are men's T-Shirts. And the collection is growing further and further. Besides the T-Shirt, I am wearing a white collar which is so old I can't remember where I bought it, and a velvet black skirt I made by myself. The shoes have been my sister's but now they're mine (insert Gollum's laughter here) - they're perfect! They're see-through! How cool is that?! They also function as wellies which makes them even better. Underneath, I am wearing my Frida Kahlo socks. I usually hate yellow clothing, but these socks... ohmy. Frida portraits on your feet? Yes please! I am crazily collecting clothing related to Frida and everytime I wear one of my Frida items, I feel totally strong and undefeatable. If I'm going deeper in my obsession  love for Frida, this post would never end, so I'll just stop.

So you've probably gotten the gist that all my clothes I am wearing here are great, but I think they fit together perfectly: The socks color-match the shirt, and I love the combination of clothes which belong to both sides of the gender binary. I like contrasting stereotypically male clothes (white collar, T-shirt) with stereotypically female ones (skirt). Anyhow, I have been questioning and thinking about gender a lot lately, which is why I'm incorporating items made for men in my outfits as well as taking style inspiration from boys as well as from girls. I will probably go deeper into this in a following post. I have some great ones planned, by the way. Only need more time! I guess I will just give up on sleep totally - it's too hot anyways! I believe as soon as I have free time, I'm flooding my planner with all kinds of events I usually don't have the time to visit...
Anyways: I hope you are all having a great summer!

Lots of love,


Jun 22, 2015

Femme fatales emerged from shadows to watch this creature fair, boys stood upon their chairs to make their point of view, I smiled sadly for a love I could not obey. Lady Stardust sang his songs of darkness and dismay.

Hi lovelies!
BIG, BIG NEWS. I have finally graduated! Tadah!
Well, the official ceremony takes place on friday (with prom and all that stuff - I'm so exited) but technically, I am finished with school! And I am ready and prepared for having a perfect last summer before working and going to College. It actually is a mix between feeling totally grown up and being scared of the big world, but mostly, I am extremely exited and very happy about not having school but loads and loads of spare time to spend at festivals, concerts, culture events, art and with my friends! I have decided to document every second of this summer and my journal is full of stuff already.

As I said in my last post, I have felt a rush of creativity and have been more motivated than ever to let my personal unicorn shaped freak flag fly! And therefore, I have bought the literally best Tee ever. To be honest, half of my closet consists of tees found in the men|s department, but this one is different. It it, let|s name it, cosmic. Galactic. Otherworldly awesome. It is more than an alien face on a black background. It is a glowing alien face on a black tee. The alien reacts to sound! The more sound, the more glowing, basically.

How perfect is this tee?! It is fascinating. And if you think it costed me, like, half an arm, it was just fifteen bucks! Actually, it makes me really happy.
I kept the rest of the outfit simple to emphasize the awesomeness of the tee. I bought the midi skirt two weeks ago (it is from Pull&Bear) and I have been wearing it a lot since then. Usually, my skirts are a lot shorter, so it makes a nice change in my closet and is also way more practical than mini skirts. The badge I am wearing shows Dr. Frank n Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (what could be more fitting to a lien tee than a alien badge?). The boots are also kinda spacy, I think. They were a gift from my boyfriend and I kinda overwear them. Furthermore, there is black lipstick which I have not worn in a while but it kinda just matched the general blackness of the outfit perfectly.

In other news, I have made a Facebook Page for my blog! Visit it here, and I would love to get a thumbs up from you! That would be lovely.

Well, I hope you're all fine and having a great summer!

Lots of love,


May 31, 2015

Make me jump into the air, keep your electric eye on me babe, put your ray gun to my head, press your space face close to mine, love - Freak out in a moonage daydream!

Hello lovelies!
If you have wondered why I look that horrible in these pictures, it's because I'm sick, which is not that bad actually as I now have a valuable excuse for not getting dressed and lying in bed all day long. I have no school anymore! It is strange, though, because I have gained a lot of unknown freedom all of the sudden but I'm not too sure how to deal with it. Well, actually, I am not yet done with school - one exam out of five left. So far the exams have been very difficult; I did my best, though.
Funnily enough, after the major school/exam pressure was over, I felt a sudden rush of creativity. My sense of creative fashion suffered quite a lot the past two years and - sadly - I even neglected it. Most of the time was spent in T-shirt and jeans, paired with a flower crown and outfit repeating. There was so much going on in my head and life that I simply had no time and power left to create. However, since school is over, I have been experimenting more and more with my wardrobe! I have been thrift shopping a few times, made a T-shirt, worked on collaborations with fashion companies and have been journaling more. Awesome, right? So, y'all, be prepared for so many posts coming up! (I mean it). I'm going to get into this a lot more from now on! :)

I'm also trying to get the best out of my wardrobe and trying a few new combinations - as I did here. I love this outfit, as it is summer-y and sassy at the same time! I am wearing my beloved Rookie Shirt (24/7, honestly), a tulle skirt from when I was like eight or something (hint: going to wear this at prom!), and I glued some silver stars on my face. I have been listening to David Bowie all day, so a little freakier makeup was obligatory! I have been really into tulle skirts lately, I love how dramatical and still dreamy they look! So this one has been essential for my inspiration lately. Furthermore, the boots I am wearing are lovingly called Major Tom boots by me, as they really remind me of David Bowie/Astronauts! The flower crown I am wearing (outfit repeater, see last post... sorry) was handmade by myself at home. By the way, I bought a new Bowie record last week, yay!
The most remarkable thing about this outfit, perhaps, is that it is totally white. To be honest, I have spent the entire winter and also most of the cold season which actually was supposed to be spring (thumbs up for German weather) in black or mostly dark clothing - now that it is getting warmer I intended to wear more colors and brighter outfits. It works somehow, but not always.

isn't he... incredible? Just look at his hair!

Anyways, I am really happy about my current creative mood and will post a lot more from now on (I really mean it this time!). I have a gazillion ideas in my head!

Lots of love,


Apr 21, 2015

It was an April morning when they told us we should go, how could we say no? With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had... Oh to sail away, to sandy lands and other days, to touch the dream, hides inside and never seen. Into the sun, the south, the north...

Hey folks!
I'm torn between procastinating and therefore posting or finally studying for my absolute final exams. I will graduate in two months, isn't that totally crazy? I have my first big test in exactly eight days and have not studied nearly enough as I should have done. To post or not to post, that is the question.
Well, we all know the answer. The weather is amazing, how could anybody bear staying inside to study?! I spent the whole day outside wrecking my wreck-this-journal, studying like half an hour and then returning to happier things like food. I've really been in need for a relaxed day lately - school is putting so much pressure on me, it's horrible. However, next monday will be my last day of school in all my life. I don't even know how to put it into words, it is a strange situation as I should be kinda melancholic and extremely happy but actually, I am just so bored by the lessons and stressed by studying all afternoon which is an even weirder combination. Right now, it's a mixture between feeling guilty for not studying, feeling slightly melancholic but happy at the same time because the sun never fails to cheer me up (I don't know why I don't seem at least slightly happy in the pictures, though).

To much talking about my life again - I hope you don't mind. Well, I dressed according to my current mood pretty schizophrenic in black and white. Now, let's please take a second to take a deep breath and appreciate this jacket. It's basically the most perfect jacket humanity has ever seen, right? How genius is this design?! I love the clear, basic look combined with the beautiful face. The fabric is also perfect and - it still gets even better - it was only four euros!
I wear some random black shirt and also a skirt which I sewed a couple of weeks ago. It's black velvet, which I really like. The flower crown is lilac, which happens to be a color I normally avoid, but I still love flowers of this color and so I created this little crown together with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. The socks are my sister's, but they're Happy Socks, how could I resist borrowing them?
This outfit really summarizes my current asthetic - black, white, graphic designs and a flower crown. Basically the perfect look if you're extremely tired in the morning because you don't have to open your eyes while choosing your outift, as everything will go well together.

I really am in love with this jacket.

In other news, I have been to the Autralian Pink Floyd Tribute Show! AAAH! It was incredibly, like, otherworldly incredible! The use of the approximately one thousand lights was so accurate and amazing, especially when they played "Shine on you crazy diamond" - which they actually played in full length ( one third of the entire concert, basically!). Also, at one point during the concert, a giant pink kangaroo appeared on the stage and the teacher from Another Brick in the Wall, and, wow, I have no words to tell you how amazing it all was.
It also was quite funny, because my boyfriend and I were the youngest people there - by far. I guess my taste in music is slightly different than the average teen, haha.

It definitely was an unforgettable experience and I am still totally in awe when I think of how great it was. Such a great birthday present!
Anyways, I hope you are having a lovely spring!

Lots of love,


Mar 24, 2015

All the modern things like cars and such have always existed - they've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment, listening to the irritating noises of dinosaurs and people dabbling outside...

Hey there.
I'm pretty proud of myself as I am right now writing a post for the second time a month. I guess March was a good month - very stressful, though. I had to write eight tests in school, plus having rehearsals for a play last week in which I had the main part. And, of course, my birthday! I'm seventeen now.
Besides the fact that I now can quote Bowie "I'm seventeen and my looks can prove it" and sing Dancing Queen for a reason, I'm not allowed to do anything I wasn't allowed to do before. Being a minor is really stressful to me, as I've always wanted to be an independent person which I can't only because of that stupid number that is age. However, I think seventeen is a very exiting age - it's somehow the final change from teenager to adult, or at least to a teenager who is supposed to be adult. It sounds nice, I guess.
I had a lovely birthday, by the way! I spent it with my family and friends, and as I mentioned last post, the weather was great and therefore my mood was, too. I got some really really cute presents which I'm going to integrate in a future post but there's something extremely exiting I've got to tell you. I am going to see the Australian Pink Floyd Cover Show this weekend with my boyfriend! PINK FLOYD, you get me?! I'm so very excited and happy about this!

Getting back to fashion now, because you probably want to hear that rather than me talking about me.
I am wearing two of my very favorite items: First, the socks. I bought them last year from Hot Sox, and they are incredible, right? There's The Scream by Edvard Munch on them and it's obviously awesome to wear such a wonderful work of art on your feet.
Second, I am wearing this T-shirt I made a few weeks ago: My personal Keith Haring interpretation. To be honest, I've never liked his stick figures, not at all, until last year when I finally learned more about him personally and about his art, too. I was amazed of how politically active, inspiring and revolutionary he was. And I made friends with his stick figures. I really love that T-shirt, because the stick figure is drawing the line which is exactly my awkward kind of humor.
I'm indeed mixing some very different artists in one outfit - but that's okay to me, as I have extremely different interests so when wearing your personality in an outfit, why not incorporate what seems contrary? Am I not kind of contrary by myself?
Wow, philosophy. Anyways, I am also wearing a denim dress I bought quite a while ago for three euros, I think. The shoes are also (quite) new, but they look worn already. I don't like snowy white sneakers, I think they need some kind of dirty character, if you know what I mean. On my dress are two badges: One with Kurt Cobain on it, the letters on the other one read "Art is hard" (which it is, especially if you have to do a ten pages paper for Art lesson in two weeks).

There's also an unusual amount of orange in this outfit - I normally don't wear orange because my skin tends to look like a corpse's one when doing so. But how could anybody resist wearing The Scream on socks? 
Here's some ~artsy~ inspiration which I thought matched this post quite well.
Keith Haring.
David Hockney.

Tumblr. The one below as well.

Well. I'll probably never get better at ending a post properly. 
I hope you're all fine (and by the way, thank you so much for reading my blog. Each and every one of you makes me utterly happy) and having a nice week/month/year so far.

Lots of love,