Jan 19, 2015

Like a photon, like a shower of yellow flames - if she could only catch up with the riding rhythm of things, of her own electrons, then she would be at rest - If she could forget school, climb the tree, be the tree, burn like that.

Hi and hello, dearest readers of this blog. I managed to do two posts in one month.
Today's post is written in honor of - and inspired by - Frida Kahlo. There are flower crowns, a lot of portraits and even socks with her face on them (seriously! Socks!). And there may be a lot of fangirling.

Frida Kahlo, this unbreakable yet so sensitive woman has fascinated me for quite a long time. Ever since I found out about her in a few great Rookie articles and in art class, I could not stop thinking about her. After reading a lot of articles, a biography and watching the incredible movie (if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading immediately and do it) I feel like I kinda got an overview. I haven't figured her out at all, though, and I believe nobody ever will - but I have found out what she means to me, especially her art and her way of living. Besides her wonderful art, the thing about Frida which matters most to me is her strength. I mean, her accidents were the worst, and Diego Rivera, her husband who didn't care too much (or at all) about being faithful, was not that much better, either. Still, she resembles pure joy as well as deepest pain in her paintings.
But her strength was not only about surviving her accident and her many operations, but also about being a communist woman fighting for her rights and for her opinion. She did not care about other's conceptions about art (especially not about Paris) and was so proud of her origin, namely, Mexico. The roots which are a often-used symbol in her works resemble that kind of connectivity between a woman and her home.

Well, of course we also need to talk about her style! After all, this is a very random fashion blog.
The thing most people recognize first about Frida Kahlo is her eyebrow. There only is one. She was known for even darkening it/them with a brow pencil, celebrating her uniqueness. This kind of eyebrow kinda breaks with all the rules you have learned when it comes to fashion - so that's definitely a reason for her being my idol. She also wore a lot of flower crowns, which is, in my opinion, just as the fact a reason to really like a person. You know me and my love affair with flower crowns. The best thing about her crowns is that she always took fresh flowers which are even better than fake ones, obviously. And another trademark of her fashion style is the traditional native clothing. She wore long, flowing, huge skirts for covering her thinner leg, but also because it was cultural heritage of her (on her mother's side). That involved bright, vivid colors, big necklaces and earrings, incredible embroidery and a lot of other amazing stuff.
So let's summarize: Embroidery, colors, flower crowns and unique rebellion against fashion rules?! How perfect?!
Therefore, I channeled her in this outfit. I have been wearing this in all variations a lot lately, as it makes me feel like a queen. I am wearing the giant red flower crown I made last year which I love a lot and totally overwear. I also wear some black tights, black platform shoes from Asos and a black tee from my sister. The red skirt was ordered from the internet a few months ago.
And, the real star of this outfit, the denim jacket. I literally searched for a proper fitting one with a nice color for over two years - and then I finally found one in December! For fifty cent! I was so happy. Today I finished customizing it with patches, my hot glue gun and badges. Painting Frida Kahlo on the back took a few days, and it definitely was not easy to paint on denim, but I am pretty happy with the result. There are also fake flowers glued on the back which is nice. I tried to put everything I like on one jacket which did work out at least a bit. There's art, and there is music, there's Wes Anderson and there's weird biological stuff (whatever).

I LOVE customized denim jackets! They're are my choice on basically everyday, as they are not only comfortable but also give you a super good feeling since you are actually surrounded by what you love! Wearing what you love - isn't that great? That's why I'm so obsessed with band shirts, or fan clothes of any sorts. Anyways, I am very happy with the jacket and I think I'm going to wear it forever.

In other news: I OWN FRIDA KAHLO SOCKS! These, to be exact. I'm in love. And I will definitely wear them in another post.

Well, this was a long post! I'm always amazed how awkwardly I am still ending my posts after two and a half years of blogging experience. And about how awkard photographing myself in front of my door still feels.
Well. Tell me what you think about Frida.

Lots of love,


PS: Thank you so much for all the sweet comments I have received recently. You are the best.

Jan 3, 2015

They walk in the sky so near and so high, they're stopping for none, and when the day's done they agree that the sea is the best place to be wondrously free.

Happy new year! We all can be pretty proud about having survived another 365 days on earth, I really consider this a success. The problem with turn of the year is this choice between looking back and looking ahead - best of 2014 vs new year resolutions, basically. In fact, I have done both. I had an amazing year: a few festivals, amazing journeys and great conversations with great people. But 2014 was also A LOT about school. Which was not so nice as it kinda drove me crazy in the course of events. 2015 will be even more stressful, though (the endless joys of the German A-Levels). Therefore, my new year resolution is basically surviving without going crazy and then dealing with the after-school-life (which seems so real and near and oh my...) properly. We'll see how it works out.
Besides that, it also was Christmas! yay! I had a lovely holiday in spite of being ill and because of that, cuddling up in blankets the entire day. My family and friends gave me the sweetest and most perfect presents. Some of my favorites are pictured below:

1. I am sherlocked tote. I am so sherlocked. My boyfriend gave it to me which was so cute :)
2. Mach dieses Buch fertig. This is the German version of Wreck this journal. I started it today and had so much fun (although I accidentally almost burned the entire book). It's so cool, and if you haven't done one yet, go get one! It's worth it and it definitely inspires you to be more creative.
3. Endless river by Pink Floyd. Oh my, Pink Floyd! Truly genius. There's only one song with lyrics on it, and the songs kinda blur into another - endlessly, you know? It's so beautiful.
4. Faust. The most famous and perhaps best German play by Goethe, recorded in a great theater near my hometown. I love theater, so that's amazing!
5. A book about Salvador DalĂ­! Art! Yay! There are some ridiculously funny anecdotes collected in it, among with a lot of paintings.
6. THIS IS A PIZZA PILLOW. My sister is a genius. She made it by herself!
7. Giant, extremely cozy and fluffy shirt. This wasn't a christmas present, actually. It was a gift by the lovely people of Bayrisches Fernsehen (Bavarian TV channel) who did a TV thing about me! I WAS IN TV. You got me? In TV. Me. And my blog. So if you have always wanted to see me talking, walking, awkwardly smiling - this is your chance. You can watch it here. It's in German, obviously, but anyways :) There's Bowie music in the background!  I look better in real life.

I have been blogging for two and a half years now and still did not manage to take nice outfit pictures! It's always pretty awkward. And this white door accidentally got my trademark. I swear, there's not a single white wall in our house where you could get a nice neutral background!
I wore clothes today. Namely, my beloved Rookie shirt. Unfortunately, it has holes and stains which won't fade after washing it approximately three hundred times. I still cannot resist wearing it, of course! The black skirt is actually a little black dress. I can't tell where the tights are from. Black tights are always just there, sort of. Then they rip and then they are mysteriously there again. At least it's like that with me. I kept the entire outfit pretty simple and clear, to draw attention to my socks. Avocado socks, my pals. I love food. I ordered them a few weeks ago in a lovely store called the sock drawer. It's the cutest online store on the internet, I swear! They wrapped it all cute with yarn and wrote a thank you note for me. I ordered three pair of socks, all of them will appear sooner or later on this blog. I'm quite obsessed with cute socks, I have two pairs with pandas and one with unicorns and frilly ones et cetera. Aren't avocado socks the best invention ever?!
Look at this, so cute!
Well, I hope you're all fine.
I'm the worst at writing a proper end for a post.

Lots of love,