Feb 25, 2013

Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies, tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, ice is forming on the tips of my wings, unheeded warnings, I thought of everything.

Hey guys! Well, somehow I totally failed with regular blogging. I just can't find time to blog everyday, neither every second or third, as I am very busy currently. But I promise this will get better soon!
Today was really nice - school was boring, but I went to the dollar store and bought some extremely cute stuff, like stickers and those awesome socks. They have unicorns on it! Unicorns!
Something about my outfit. To be honest, it was just like "hey I like this dress" "hey, I like this jacket too" and that's it. And oh-how-artsy I drew a pentagram on my leg. And wore my black lipstick, I love it so much! That's everything, actually.
Oh and the highlight of today was that I found Candy sweethearts! I thought you can't buy them here, but I was so happy to find them. Ugh I sound so weird here, so I'll stop here.



Feb 21, 2013

In my ivory tower life was just a hostess snack, but now i've tasted chocolate and I'm never going back. 'Cuz without love life is doris day at the Apollo!

Hey guys! So this is a totally random post, basically just some new stuff I have got recently... Well. I have like one hundred (six or seven) new pen pals which are all totally rad and awesome, but besides Sonya's wonderful letter I didn't get one yet but send a few ones (to Sonya, Flower and Ibe). I will write the rest of the letters in the next few days and make some buttons and patches. I actually have made many patches already but I can't show them here because it should be a surprise for my pen pals. It's all so exiting!
So what you can see here is some  new stuff...

A David Bowie badge I made! I really love it and have been wearing it everyday since I made it. Also, a Ghost World badge, as Enid Coleslaw rules!
There is also an AWESOME feather earring which lovely Sonya send me in her letter! It was covered in glitter nail polish and my whole room and my cat glitter and I love it. 

Jelly Bellys. I am slightly addicted to Jelly Bellys, they are so wonderful. My favorite flavor is Toasted Marshmellow, haha.

Stickers! They are already almost empty because I love stickers.

Hope you are all fine!



Feb 18, 2013

As they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations - they're quite aware of what they're going through!

Hello guys. So this is kind of an update of my vein tights outfit, only... cooler. I really like it, it's so Rookie! I am wearing my awesome vein tights from Oasap, my tulle skirt from my childhood, my lovely Dr. Martens (how much I love them...) and maybe my favorite garment ever, my customized denim jacket. I upgraded it this weekend with a David Bowie badge and a Ghost World badge, both DIYed. I love love love those two badges! Actually, this jacket says really much about me - it's obvious that I love Bowie, Tavi (and therefore Rookie), glitter, Ghost world - and soon I'll add a Unicorn patch and a feminist one. I DIYed this top the other day, there's a pentagram on it (I am such a faker, sorry!). I really like it. This is one of my favorite outfits so far!
Well, today was so relaxed. I am sick and stayed at home, and my boyfriend came over surprisingly to bring me tea and cake, it was so cute! I wrote letters to my new pen pals, Ibe and Flower and made some buttons. Sonya's letter arrived today and it was so cute and awesome (and covered in glitter. Everything glitters now - my bed, my laptop, I and my cat!). I'll soon do a post with all the letters and extra stuff I've got.
Oh, yeah, and please have a look at my zine.



Feb 14, 2013

I been wandering for quite a while, when it seems like love is all around, seems when people can't get love they substitute it with a bunch of drugs.

Hey lovelies!
Happy Valentine's day. Or should I say Happy-Chocolate-And-Crying-Day? Here's my survival kit for Valentine's day.

1. Listen to every single feminist playlist you can find. It helps. Oh, and dance around randomly.
2. Clean up your room, rearrange the furniture, decorate. It helps you to clean your mind. I do it everytime I am sad or messed up, actually.
3. Craft. Sweethearts would work best, watch Emily's tutorial! Write something like Fuck Valentine on it and wear them proudly.
4. Write shit on your mirror, with lipstick. Something like "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Vodka is cheaper than Dinner for two".
5. Watch a super sad movie (that's my excuse when I am crying on Valentine's day - you know, I just watched a sad movie...).
6. Eat ice cream as they do in movies. Eat candy till you puke.

That's it. I hope that helps. You know, actually, my Valentine's day was pretty nice, but I know what I am talking about from all the Valentine's days before. Our school always organizes a huge sale of red roses, so you can buy a rose and they'll send it to your crush. And it's awful to see all those kids running around with red roses and smiling like crazy while you are all "Fuck it, I want to cry right now" because you just broke up with your boyfriend. This year, Valentine's day is quite cool, though - my boyfriend and I talked about how disgusting and too-commercial Valentine's day is.

Some daily life. As said earlier, I am a contributor for Eva's collective The wandering, and I am so proud of that. Anyways, I found an awesome new pen pal, and some great friends! Seriously, they are so amazing. I know, like, it's only the Internet, but it feels like...more. Ohgod, that is so weird! I sound like a creepo.

Hope you will rock Valentine's day,


Feb 11, 2013

With the lights out, it's less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us! I feel stupid and contagious, here we are now, entertain us!

So OHMYGAWD. Okay calm down. I just can't, ohmy. They are here! My beautiful babies! I ordered my first pair of Doc Martens on Tuesday, and when they arrived on Friday, I totally freaked out. I screamed and danced around which is pretty embarrassing, but hey, Doc Martens! I was just so happy. They aren't really comfy, but, god, shoes are not made for being comfy, but to look awesome (um.). Once I have walked them in, they will be also comfy. The color is like perfect, and I hate to put them off - I immiediately miss them. I don't think I will ever wear different shoes again. I have been saving all my money for months now, and I am so happy to finally own them!
The rest of my outfit is pretty boring, I know. I am wearing my lovely VILA-jumper, which is so cozy and warm and lovely, and some Zara pants (these are the only pieces I own which are from "regular" stores). 

A closer look of my new babies. God, how much I love them!

This week is really busy (although we are having holidays right now - that's so strange). I hope I will be blogging more regular soon!



Feb 6, 2013

We listened to songbirds and rush hour cars and welcomed in the day, peace in London in summertime is great, on days like this I feel like I can escape.

Woohoo! I am finished! This is my latest zine "The ROOKIE Flavour". It's about Rookie, who would have thought it, and it's 22 pages of collages, rants, pictures, dreams, angstyness (is that a word?) and how teenagehood feels with Rookie. I cut out pictures from old magazines and an awesome book which once was pretty cool from a thrift store (it's about Take That and really nineties!). There are also many jewels, sticker, glitter and the ultimate Rookie Playlist. Sounds awesome, I know, and I also know that you desperately want to have it, haha.
But seriously, I set up an etsy yesterday to sell it. It comes as a pdf, and it's only two dollars. I am also very very open for zine swaps, so just send a mail to birdiewearsatie@web.de and we can swap'em. My Etsy is called "The Unicorn's smell" and I would be so happy if someone would buy it! I'd like to say thank you in advance.
I made it this weekend, with lots of support from David Bowie and The flaming lips. Pretty irrelevant, but this just makes everything better (oh, and I also listened to Reggae...). I just suddenly felt very creative, and I was like "Oh I need to make a Rookie zine". And this is how it turned out. I am very satisfied with it, I really like the way it looks. It's pretty awesome, just saying.
Sneak peek (these aren't the best pages, but I don't want to show the rest to you yet)(which means buy it!):

So, um. Hope you are all fine. ALSO BIG BIG NEWS! I finally ordered my Doc Martens! You would never believe how exited and happy I am! I hope they will arrive on Friday.



Feb 4, 2013

Every time that we fly together our plane blows up in the sky, we're workin' in an explosives factory 'cause we don't care if we die.

Hello. Um, so these are pictures I took with my best friend this weekend. As you see, we made a lovely jacket for her. She had an old denim jacket left, so we just customized it. We used goggly eyes and fake flowers, buttons, and everything that might look good on a jeans jacket. It was really funny and awesome. Yay for sleepovers!

This week will be incredibly busy, though. I am looking forward for our holidays next week so much, I can't stand school anymore. I have literally no free time! Busy times.

Big big news! I am currently working on a Rookie Zine. I will sell it on Etsy for you guys. Now, it's not completely finished yet, and I need your help. It would be awesome if you would tell me your favorite Rookie article, or what Rookie means to you. That would be so nice of you! Thank you so much. Just post it as a comment, or write a mail ( birdiewearsatie@web.de). I am so exited! I hope I can do that tomorrow.



Feb 1, 2013

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream, I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been.

Hey y'all, so short post because I have to catch the bus. I will have a sleepover with my best buddy tonight, yay! We'll make zillions of pictures and customize a denim jacket. And I will take my tiara with me to cry like a princess when I will have burned my finger with the hot glue gun.
I am wearing a lovely jumper from Vila, DIYed or thrifted buttons and badges ( the coolest one is definitely my Tavi Badge...), and a thrifted shirt. I actually don't know what this skirt is meant to be - it's not even a skirt, but it also doesn't look like shorts or so. I like it, though - those pleats have this wonderful schoolgirl vibe. I am just realizing that this picture is really weird. I only made one because it was too cold in this outfit, and liked it at first, but now... Anyways, I first tried to channeled some Rookie vibes, then I saw some Ghost world pictures and I just ended up wearing a really schoolgirl-ish look.
So, all this dumbness and boredom has finally stopped. So many beautiful things happened this week, I am actually smiling because of memories as I am writing this. I am really happy right now. No more boredom and shit.